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AirTac Customs AEG CRBN Upper

AirTac Customs AEG CRBN Upper

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Ever wanted to use a CRBN Upper on an AEG gearbox? Now you can!

The new AirTac Customs AEG CRBN Upper receiver is made with genuine carbon fiber for strength and fits over ANY AEG Gearbox. This means you can use it with SSGsDSGs, and even HPA drop-in engines! 

Weighing in at only 105g, the AEG CRBN is 500% lighter than a stock SSG-1 Upper, making high-speed AEGs competitively viable in tournament play!

Equipped with dual hopup windows, integrated fiber-optic back and front sights, and compatibility with both G&G and Lancer Tactical lowers, the CRBN AEG is the ultimate speedsoft rifle upper.

This AirTac Customs AEG CRBN Upper Includes:


  • BOTH AEG and HPA Compatible
  • CNC milled Carbon Fiber and ABS Polymer
  • Genuine Carbon Fiber tube
  • Fiber optic front and rear sights for fast target acquisition
  • Dual hopup windows for on-the-fly adjustments
  • Perfected drop-in fitment on a G&G lower with a Maxx hopup
  • Included Fiber Optics Rods (Green and Red)
  • Available in Glossy Black, Matte Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Silver, and Gold tube colors

Compatible with:

  • Any V2 AEG Gearbox: SSG, DSG Requires removal of nub (Dremel, File)
  • AirTac Customs AEG CRBN UpperAirTac Customs AEG CRBN Upper
  • Any V2 HPA Engine: F2, Jack, Inferno, N7, Pulsar etc. 
  • G&G polymer Lower (SSG1, ARP9). Metal Lower (ARP556) and Lancer Tactical Lower (all drop in fitment)
  • Monk Customs and EMG F1 lowers (with modifications)
  • MAXX Hopup Chambers (ATPRO, M4P, M4A) and Retro Arms hopup chambers (drop in)
  • G&G Stock Hopup, Lancer Tactical Stock Hopup, Prowin Hopup (With modifications)
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