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Archwick Glock Carbine Kit

Archwick Glock Carbine Kit

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What's the worst thing about pistols? Sure, they work well in close quarters. Small, light, and easy to maneuver. Unfortunately, they are more difficult to fire accurately than rifles. Rifles have three points of contact to keep the weapon steady in your hands. With pistols, you only have two points of contact (possibly only one), making the weapon far less stable. The Archwick Hicapa Conversion Kit changed all of that.

The Archwick Hicapa Conversion Kit is a modern take on the Pistol Caliber Carbine, with a strong emphasis on the "pistol" side of the equation. This "pocket PDW" is a traditional handgun with the additions of a folding stock, an optic bridge for mounting red dots for easier target acquisition, and a laser sight.


  • Fits Glock 17, 19 and 23.  (Gen 3-5)  from most Airsoft Manufacturers                                   

  • Length:  270mm stock folded;  520mm stock extended

  • Width:  61mm 

  • Height:  70mm

  • Weight:  340g (kit only), 1.1kg with VFC G17 Gen 4 Installed

  • Lower 1913 accessory rail on the body

  • Aimpoint ACRO rail adaptor molded onto body (slight modification might be required)

  • Glass filled polymer Top 1913 accessory rail included

  • Glass filled polymer Body with polyer folding stock

  • Nylon Sling Loop included

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