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Maple Leaf Autobot Bucking

Maple Leaf Autobot Bucking

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Maple Leaf Autobot Hop Up Rubber Bucking VSR and GBB. Works in airsoft VSR-10 rifles and WE/Marui/KJW gas guns - pretty much all gas blowback airsoft guns.

The Maple leaf series of hopup rubber buckings utilize a concave style hop up system for maximum in range and shot deviation and are designed for use with concave nubs such as the Maple leaf Omega Tensioner Nub. These buckings will fit GBB (WE/TM compatible) and VSR cut barrels (bridgeless).

Degree recommendations:

  • 50 degree up to 360 FPS
  • 60 degree 290-390 FPS
  • 70 degree 355-460 FPS (most popular)
  • 75 degree 420-490 FPS
  • 80 degree 480 FPS or higher
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