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ORGA SP 6mm Barrel 460mm

ORGA SP 6mm Barrel 460mm

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  • Durable brass construction
  • Precision machined, finely polished bore and crown for excellent consistency
  • Ultra tightbore inner diameter for maximum air pressure and minimize wasted air
  • Improved accuracy and power
  • Pre-cut for flat hop configurations
The ORGA Super Power Barrel line offers one of the tightest inner bore diameters amongst a myriad of tightbore barrels. Measuring in at 6.00mm (+/- .00mm), this barrel theoretically creates the highest amount of back pressure behind the BB to increase both power and maximizing air efficiency.

With proper tuning, a super tight bore barrel can in theory reduce the need for higher power setups to achieve the same power curve as less (wasted) air is needed to propel a BB.

Material: Brass
Length: 460mm
Inner Diameter: 6.00mm (+/- .00mm)
Compatibility: For Tokyo Marui and Other Compatible Airsoft AEGs

Manufacturer: ORGA Airsoft
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